Sum-up of the HRDAP program and ISHR work

- What is the HRDAP ?

HRDAP is an ISHR program which is called Human Rights Defenders Advocacy Program.
This year, it occurs from June 17th to June 28th.
The HRDAP is an evolution of many trainings.
During this event, the participants have groups’ meetings but also, they can have individual meetings.


- How do you select the HRDAP participants ?

At ISHR, there is an open application on October of each year, with nearly 1050-2000 applicants.
The program managers check the information about them including the recommendation they have, the location, their gender balance etc.
Everybody from everywhere can apply to the HRDAP programs and also to other programs. At the end, there are between 14 and 19 participants divided in 4 groups: the LGBT, the WRD (Women Rights’ Defenders), the B&HRD (Business and Human Rights’ Defenders) and the Migrants Rights’ Defenders.


- How do you convince the donors to finance the defenders’ trainings ?

The defenders’ trainings are financed by the donors which are in touch with ISHR.
So, a budget is beforehand organized by ISHR and the donors.
Sometimes it can be difficult to find donors because they are about to finance a service and not a good. The service then has to be well used by the defenders to be useful compared to a good that is directly effective.
And it’s also expensive so donors don’t always want to fund it.
But those programs if there well learned by the defenders can have an impact in many areas. It’s interesting to fund it because it’s a way to improve people’s rights.


- What do the HRDAP participants learn during this event ?

They learn on UN bodies, they have meetings with bosses, they go to the United Nations event that occurs at the same period as their training, they have sessions with diplomates/ advocacy sessions and then they have strategy sessions.
During this event, they get to know each other, and what they struggle against.
They learn how to use the UN. So, with it, ISHR brings its voice to build networks abroad.


- Do you do follow-up on participants after the HRDAP ?

At the end of HRDAP, the participants have to choose their aims and objectives for the 3/6/12 months to come.
Then ISHR send them mails to follow-up and to maintain their relations with the defenders.
The defenders learn a lot of things during their training. But then they have to applicate what they learnt, and this is another important part.

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Helen Nolan
Program Manager (Training and LGBTI rights)


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